FPSTAR(Boom Tube) Process Benefits:

  • Reduce COD and BOD
  • Agglomerate particles as small as 0.01 μm in water to 10 μm to 1.5 mm and filtered through conventional aids
  • Extremely fast reaction time, processes water on line and clean water available for recycle immediately.
  • Arsenic, Nitrates, Heavy Metals and Fluoride reduction to acceptable levels
  • Softening Solids as fast sedimentation Aid
  • Very small space requirements.
  • Very effective in the removal of high and low turbidity.
  • Extremely effective in removal of Colour, TOC, NOM and DBP precursors.
  • Works over a wide pH range.
  • Low cost compared to conventional methods of water treatment and recovery.
  • Produces higher sludge concentrations resulting in Lower sludge disposal costs.


Boom Tube Resonator -10,000 litres per day

Laboratory Trials and Pilot operations have confirmed its efficacy in treating and recovery of the wastewater streams from: Pharmaceutical Formulation Process, Coffee Pulping Wash Water, Brewery spent wash, Sewage water, lake water, contaminated river water, Textile Dying Water, Tannery effluent water, Sea water, Automobile Servicing water, Dairy wash water, Contaminated ground water, distillery spent wash and several others.

The FPSTAR plant is completely automatic computer controlled multi-stage system, that is fully plug and play. Only one operator is required to just start and stop the plant and occasionally check the quality of output water. One time setting of all process parameters will ensure trouble free operation. There are no chemicals added, so effectively there are no consumables except electricity for its operation.