Sugar Industry

The sugar industry requires large volumes of water during manufacturing process. But as the actual water consumption rate is very low, the industry discharges a huge quantity of wastewater. Typically the effluents … READ MORE

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the major industries causing water pollution, generating gallons of wastewater depending upon the process employed and product manufactured. Drug manufacturing industries … READ MORE

Coffee Industry

Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world, production of which requires large volumes of water. It is also a highly polluting industry as 50%-55% of the total water used is discharged as … READ MORE

Textile Industry

Water is a vital necessity for all key stages of the Textile industry. It requires around 200 ltrs of water to manufacture 1 kilogram of textile, out of which only 10% is consumed and the rest needs to be treated. Furthermore, due.. READ MORE

Leather Industry

Water plays an important part in the leather industry. It requires 30 to 40 ltrs of water for processing one kilogram of rawhide to finished leather. Traditionally, most of the tanneries have been located next to water bodies .. READ MORE

Pulp & Paper Industry

Pulp and paper, a water intensive industry, requires large volumes of water for all major manufacturing stages. It also plays a key role in the utility section like boilers and co-generation plants to generate steam and power. In … READ MORE  

Food & Beverage

Waste management is the primary area of concern for Food & beverage industry. Wastewater from food-processing facilities is predominantly organic in nature and contains high concentrations of BOD, COD, total suspended … READ MORE

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry has been identified as one of most powerful sources of wastewater pollution. The effluent discharged from a chemical industry contains varying concentrations of organic and inorganic contaminants … READ MORE

Mining & Metal Industry

Mining is one of the major causes of water pollution as mining activities consume large volumes of water for mineral processing and metal recovery. Effluents discharged by this industry contains a complex mixture of … READ MORE